Guiding Principles


Principle 1

We don’t slow down because we get old; we get old because we slow down


Principle 2

We empower our clients with the knowledge and physical skills needed to improve their activity levels and quality of life


Principle 3

We work with people who are serious about improving and maintaining their physical well-being

Our Mission

HFS Clinics delivers lasting solutions to pain and injury using our collective experience and knowledge in Pain Management, Physiotherapy, Exercise Rehabilitation and Strength and Conditioning.

We work with people who are serious about their physical well-being and want to live life to the full without unnecessary painkillers, injections and surgery.

Our Values

Our clients are people, not just patients, and should be treated with the respect and dignity they deserve.
We strive for both clinical and customer service excellence in everything we do and say.

We help our patients to make informed decisions about their care.

Continued physical well-being is a lifetime journey. We provide ongoing support, expertise and guidance to help our clients achieve their physical goals.

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