Physiotherapy for back pain

In the UK, it estimated that 4 out of every 5 people experience back pain at some point in their life. This is why around 50% of our patients at HFS Clinics are here to have physiotherapy for back pain.

Seeking physiotherapy for back pain and getting the best treatment quickly, will reduce the risk of long-term damage. More importantly, getting help also reduce its impact on your life.

Physiotherapy for back pain will involve a physical examination, which is designed to answer some questions. Some examples of questions asked might be; where the source of the pain and how long has it been? The physical examination would also light movements and exercise, so the physiotherapist can determine what has caused the back pain.

To help resolve the back pain; the physiotherapist might suggest Integrated programs of advanced physiotherapy, pain education, postural correction and Pilates.

At HFS Clinics, we understand that back pain can reduce your daily movement and be an inconvenience to your life.

Unlike in the NHS and under the restrictions of many medical insurance policies, the aim is not to discharge you as quickly as possible and provide the bare minimum of treatment. At HFS Clinics the main is to help the patients receive the very best of physiotherapy and to provide them with the necessary help and guidance to achieve long-term physical improvements.

If you are suffering from back pain and like to learn how HFS Clinics can benefit you and make you feel more comfortable again; then give HFS Clinics a call today.

At HFS Clinics we have developed a team of specialist level Physiotherapists and Podiatrists with postgraduate training in pain management, biomechanics, exercise rehabilitation and sports injury management.

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