In a nutshell, Physiotherapy is the identification and correction of poor movement.

Greg is a very experienced physiotherapist, who has dealt with a vast range of conditions and ailments in an equally vast range of different people. He blends his 30 years experience of clinical practice to create a unique patient-centred treatment approach. Think ‘A La Carte’ rather than ‘Set Menu.’


We offer both Display Screen Equipment (DSE) for office and now home environments. This is in addition to more in-depth and personalised ergonomic assessments for workers who are struggling with aches and pains and for whom simple DSE checks and other advice has not helped.

Display Screen Equipment (DSE) Assessments

Regular DSE assessments are a legal requirement for companies over a certain size. Outsourcing this means that you can focus on more important internal duties, safe in the knowledge that your responsibilities in this area have not been neglected. A comfortable and injury free workforce can only be an asset to an employer. Our assessment process is designed to identify and lower risks, and we can organise appropriate precautions.


ConnectTherapy™ is a relatively new concept helping therapists and patients understand how all the movement systems in our body are connected and that, for one part to function well, it relies on all the others to do the same. This goes beyond just how each body part is connected, but also how the body and mind are connected and how therapists and patients interact.

Research across multiple fields highlights the multiple influences on how patients move – their strategies for movement – and how they feel – their symptoms and experience of their body. Clinicians need ways to organize information from tests across multiple domains, and determine the most relevant influences to address in treatment.

A robust clinical reasoning process that considers the whole person makes for a more efficient pathway to design treatment programs. Our specialist in this area is Greg Ryan who runs the Harley Street practice. He has many amazing success stories integrating this concept into his usual practice.

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